Candy Bar Kindness – A practice of Renunciation


Place this extremely rich and delicious candy bar in your refrigerator.

Each time the craving to nibble, eat, or taste the candy bar arises, gently say “No.” to the mind. Say “no” to the mind with tenderness and understanding. This is a “no” of lovingkindness. In the same way you might say “no” to a sweet little child who wants to play too close to a fire. It’s a guarding “no” of mature understanding and kindness.

This is a simple practice of renunciation. Not a “no” motivated by aversion but a wise “no” that sees clearly craving in the mind. Allow the practice of saying “no” to expand naturally to those areas where skillful discrimination and a kind “no” are needed.

When the candy bar no longer calls your name. Make your personal decision to eat it. After the first bite, return to the first instruction and begin the practice again.

May I find within me the motivation and trust of my own greatness of heart, and may it arise within me as a resource and power for my own benefit and that of all beings. May it be so.

By Johnathan Woodside