Open Online Guided Meditation

Each Sunday morning at 9:00am CT we meet online via Zoom for a 20 minute guided mediation. Sessions are loosely themed by month to coincide with specific Dharma teachings or meditation instructions.

The Blessed One said, “Little thoughts, subtle thoughts, when followed, stir up the heart. Not comprehending the thoughts of the heart, one runs here & there, the mind out of control. But comprehending the thoughts of the heart, one who is ardent, mindful, restrains them. When, followed, they stir up the heart, one awakened lets them go without trace.”

Please be sure to properly join using the link below. This will help ensure you receive the most current Zoom URL and the e-mail reminders that are sent out on Saturdays.

Monthly Schedule:
January — Tranquillity meditation (samatha bhāvanā)
February — Insight meditation (vipassanā bhāvanā)
March — Lovingkindness, good-will (mettā)
April — Compassion (karuṇā)
May — Appreciative joy (muditā)
June — Equanimity (upekkhā)
July — Recollecting the virtues of the Buddha (buddhanussati)
August — Mindfulness of the body (kāya)
September — Mindfulness of feeling tones (vedanā)
October — Mindfulness of mind/consciousness (citta)
November — Mindfulness of mind-objects (dhammas)
December — Mindfulness of death (maraṇānussati)