Weekly Dharma Teachings

Published each Saturday

“There are these ten topics of [proper] conversation. Which ten? Talk on modesty, on contentment, on seclusion, on non-entanglement, on arousing persistence, on virtue, on concentration, on discernment, on release, and on the knowledge & vision of release. These are the ten topics of conversation. If you were to engage repeatedly in these ten topics of conversation, you would outshine even the sun & moon, so mighty, so powerful — to say nothing of the wanderers of other sects.”

The weekly Dharma teachings are thoughtfully curated to provide insights and guidance for your spiritual practice. A selection of key teachings and practices aimed at helping readers understand and apply the principles of Dharma in their daily lives. As a subscriber, you will have the opportunity to delve deep into the Buddha’s teachings of wisdom and truth, cultivate kindness and compassion, and awaken to a fuller appreciation of Dharma study. Please join us on this unique journey of introspection and growth.