Learn Meditation with Johnathan Woodside

Lay Teacher

Johnathan Woodside

Dharma Practice

Master yourself through diligence. Let your actions reflect wisdom and compassion. The Dharma path leads to the end of suffering.

Knowledge Base

Johnathan is an experienced Insight Meditation teacher deeply rooted in the Theravada tradition. His journey includes extensive retreat experience and an unwavering commitment to the Dharma.


I Am The HeirTo My Actions

Johnathan Woodside is an Insight Meditation teacher offering Dharma instruction rooted in the Theravada tradition of ethics, concentration, and wisdom. He began his formal meditation practice in his youth and has been teaching Insight Meditation since 2011. 

Johnathan founded the non-profit Mindfulness Outreach Initiative (MOI) an Insight Meditation and outreach organization based in Omaha Nebraska in 2012.

His mentor in the Dharma is Joseph Goldstein who he has met with regularly since 2016. He has practiced at Insight Meditation Society (IMS), Forest Refuge, and Spirit Rock meditation centers among others and has over a year of silent meditation retreat experience. He is currently enrolled in the 2021-2025 Insight Meditation Center (IMC) Dharma Teacher Training Program with Gil Fronsdal and Andrea Fella.

With an unwavering commitment for encouraging and promoting mindfulness practice, Johnathan founded Dallas Insight Sangha (DIS) a non-profit organization committed to sharing Insight Meditation and the Buddha’s Dharma in Dallas Texas in 2022. 

Beyond individual instruction and leading retreats, Johnathan provides meditation services to medical professionals, educational institutions, correctional facilities, recovery programs, community centers, and partners with corporations and nonprofit organizations.