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The Practice of Dāna


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The Practice of Dāna

The human experience is the experience of interdependence. It naturally follows that as our awareness grows, we will welcome the opportunities that abound within our everyday lives to support organizations, communities, and teachers who are dedicated to serving the Dharma.

Generosity (dāna) is the first of the ten beautiful qualities, or paramis, taught by the Buddha. Acts of generosity enable us to express our gratitude; to practice letting go; and to cultivate qualities of loving-kindness and compassion. In ancient times, townspeople practiced dāna by offering food to monks and nuns on alms rounds, and the spirit of this selfless offering persists to this day.

Generosity may come naturally to some people, but most of us must intentionally cultivate it. Practicing generosity develops awareness of community, dissolves the artificial boundaries we build around ourselves, and brings happiness and joy. It is a vital element of the liberating path.

One Time Donations

A humble invitation to practice dāna. By embracing this ancient tradition, you not only uplift me as a Dharma teacher but practicing generosity opens the heart, fosters gratitude, and deepens one’s connection with the world. As you selflessly give, you create a positive impact and contribute to building a more compassionate and harmonious society. Your contributions, whether big or small, offer immeasurable rewards.

As a Dharma teacher my livelihood depends upon the generosity of others. Your generous support is greatly appreciated and ensures the continuing provision of education and outreach. All financial contributions and gifts are graciously received in the spirit of dāna practice.

Reoccurring Donations

Subscription-based donations give you a way to easily support me monthly; your dāna plays a crucial role in supporting my livelihood and allows me to continue sharing the liberating teachings of the Buddha. As an on-going supporter, your contributions enable me to sustain and enrich my practice, share the profound wisdom of the Dharma, and guide many in need along the path of mindfulness and compassion. By joining the community of supporters, you become an essential part of a vibrant network of individuals dedicated to personal growth and the cultivation of all the wholesome states we most want to see flourish in the world. Together, we can make a meaningful impact in our own lives and contribute to a more peaceful and wise world.

The subscription model offers three levels of dāna giving to support me as a Dharma teacher. The Base level, at $6.25 per week, holds immense value as it provides crucial sustenance, ensuring the continuation of transformative teachings. At the Sustaining level of $12.25 per week, your support creates a stronger foundation for our community’s growth and development, fostering a thriving environment for deepening our practice together. For those who are able to contribute at the Benefactor level of $24.75 per week, your generosity empowers me to expand my teaching and offer even more opportunities to benefit those in need. I am deeply grateful for your support at any level, as it directly contributes to sustaining and advancing our shared journey of awakening and compassion.


Support me on a monthly basis

As a Dharma teacher my livelihood depends upon the generosity of others. All financial contributions and gifts are graciously received in the spirit of dāna practice.



Support me on a monthly basis

This level of on-going dāna support greatly aids me in alleviating suffering and bringing greater wisdom and compassion to the world.



Support me on a monthly basis

For those of you who have the means, and wish to see the Dharma flourish. This level of dāna support helps to sustain my livelihood in a very meaningful way.