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Unwavering Upekkhā


Blog & Articles Unwavering Upekkhā The Serene Heart: Cultivating Equanimity for Liberation Equanimity, or upekkhā, is a quality of balanced and impartial mental composure. It is one of the sublime attitudes or “divine abodes” alongside loving-kindness, compassion, and sympathetic joy. Equanimity involves cultivating a serene acceptance of life’s inevitable ups and downs without being swayed […]

Shock The Monkey

Shock The Monkey

Blog & Articles Shock The Monkey The practice of renunciation is the practice of non-addiction. It is the practice of saying “no” to the mind. It’s not a “no” motivated by aversion but a wise “no” that sees clearly craving in the mind. Where there is fixation and dependency a skillful discrimination and kind “no” […]