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Death (Maraṇānussati)

Blog & Articles Death (Maraṇānussati) Reflecting on death is not meant to fill us with fear or scare us. The practice of contemplating death and accepting death as part of life can help us reconsider the priorities in our life. When we can prepare ourselves for death in advance; thus, we will not panic or […]

Mind-Objects (Dhammas)

Mindfulness of Mind-Objects

Blog & Articles Mind-Objects (Dhammas) The practice of Mindfulness of Mind-Objects, or Dhammas, is a profound gateway to abiding realization, let us explore the teachings of the Satipatthana Sutta, delving into the significance of establishing mindfulness in the realm of Dhammas. The Satipatthana Sutta guides us to cultivate awareness of mind-objects, the subtle aspects of […]

Feeling Tone (Vedanā)


Blog & Articles Feeling Tone (Vedanā) With a quiet acknowledgment of the November morning unfolding outside my window, the crisp air carries the essence of autumn. I find myself sitting in stillness, embracing the practice of mindfulness of Vedanā. As I settle on my meditation cushion, I turn my attention inward, tuning into the subtle […]

Mindfulness Of The Body (Kāya)


Blog & Articles Mindfulness Of The Body (Kāya) In the Theravada tradition, mindfulness of the body is intricately woven into the framework of the Satipatthana Sutta, a seminal discourse of the Buddha. This foundational text delineates the four foundations of mindfulness, with the first being mindfulness of the body. Practitioners are encouraged to cultivate a […]

Practicing Buddhānussati


Blog & Articles Practicing Buddhānussati Buddhānussati, or recollection of the virtues of the Buddha, is a meditation deeply rooted in Theravada Buddhist tradition. It acts as a potent antidote to unwholesome states, offering a pathway to cultivate qualities that guide us towards liberation. To practice Buddhānussati, find a quiet space, assume a comfortable meditation posture, […]

Unwavering Upekkhā


Blog & Articles Unwavering Upekkhā The Serene Heart: Cultivating Equanimity for Liberation Equanimity, or upekkhā, is a quality of balanced and impartial mental composure. It is one of the sublime attitudes or “divine abodes” alongside loving-kindness, compassion, and sympathetic joy. Equanimity involves cultivating a serene acceptance of life’s inevitable ups and downs without being swayed […]

The Radiant Practice Of Muditā


Blog & Articles The Radiant Practice Of Muditā Muditā As I wake up to the soft luminescence of dawn, a gentle anticipation fills my heart for the day ahead. With a deliberate sense of purpose, I settle into a comfortable meditation posture, allowing the stillness of the morning to envelop me. Today, I choose to […]

Cultivating Karuṇā

Cultivating Karuṇā

Blog & Articles Cultivating Karuṇā In the tapestry of Buddhist teachings, one thread that resonates deeply with my practice and teachings is the profound exploration of compassion, or karuṇā in Pali. I invite you to explore karuṇā with me, drawing upon Theravada Buddhist instructions to understand the transformative power of compassion as a meditation practice. […]

The Practice Of Mettā

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Blog & Articles The Practice Of Mettā One of the most transformational practices of Insight Meditation is the practice of Mettā, also known as Lovingkindness, which involves cultivating feelings of goodwill, kindness, and gentleness towards oneself and others. Because of its many advantages for mental and emotional wellbeing, Metta has grown in popularity among modern meditation practitioners. […]

Vipassanā Bhāvanā

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Blog & Articles Vipassanā Bhāvanā Vipassanā bhāvanā, or Insight Meditation, can be found in the Theravāda tradition of Buddhist practice, which emphasizes the cultivation of mindfulness (sati) for the advancement of wisdom (panna). Put simply, the practice is based on the understanding that suffering arises from craving, and that liberation from suffering can be achieved […]