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Personal Sutta Guidance

Sutta Study Request

Criteria For Submissions

I am honored to assist you on your spiritual journey by offering personalized sutta study guidance. To ensure the most meaningful experience for all, please consider the following criteria when submitting your sutta request:

  1. Clarity of Intention: Share with me your situation, inner stirrings, aspirations, dilemmas, or challenges you are currently facing. What is the underlying motivations that drive your request, what do you hope to gain? Understanding your circumstances will enable me to recommend suttas that resonate with your experience and address your interests. 

  2. Current Practice Level: Provide information about your current level of practice and your familiarity with Buddhist teachings. What is the regularity of your spiritual practices, be they meditation, mindfulness, or other Dharma-related activities. This will guide me in recommending suttas suitable for your level of understanding.

  3. Previous Study Experience: Share your history of sutta study and previous engagements with Dharma texts. Let me know which suttas or texts you have previously explored. Include any specific scriptures or teachings you’ve engaged with. This will help me avoid redundancy and suggest new materials to deepen your understanding.

  4. Commitment to Study: Share your dedication to sutta study. Let me know how much time and effort you are willing to invest in delving into the recommended sutta. How will you plan to sustain enthusiasm and motivation throughout your sutta study? This understanding enables me to tailor my recommendations to your available resources and ambitions.

By providing this information, you enable me to recommend suttas that align with your unique journey and requirements, making your study sessions more meaningful and beneficial.

I'm pleased to guide you in your exploration of the Dharma. Please submit your sutta request with these criteria in mind, and may you discover a transformative and enriching study experience.