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The weekly Dharma teachings are thoughtfully curated to provide insights and guidance for your spiritual practice. A selection of key teachings and practices aimed at helping readers understand and apply the principles of Dharma in their daily lives. As a subscriber, you will have the opportunity to delve deep into the Buddha’s teachings of wisdom and truth, cultivate kindness and compassion, and awaken to a fuller appreciation of Dharma study. Please join me on this unique journey of introspection and growth.

“There are these ten topics of [proper] conversation. Which ten? Talk on modesty, on contentment, on seclusion, on non-entanglement, on arousing persistence, on virtue, on concentration, on discernment, on release, and on the knowledge & vision of release. These are the ten topics of conversation. If you were to engage repeatedly in these ten topics of conversation, you would outshine even the sun & moon, so mighty, so powerful — to say nothing of the wanderers of other sects.”

Freely Offered

Recommended Reading List

I've gathered a selection of timeless books and teachings that will enrich your understanding and deepen your meditation practice. These insightful resources offer a glimpse into the profound wisdom of the Dharma. With each book and teaching, you'll delve into the layers of mindfulness, wisdom, and compassion, unlocking the boundless potential of your practice. This reading list is a gateway to the teachings of the Buddha and contemporary perspectives on Insight Meditation, providing valuable tools for your spiritual growth. May these readings inspire and nurture your meditation journey, bringing you closer to the profound truths of our existence.

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