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Mindfulness Of Mind (Citta)


In the pursuit of liberation, we navigate the intricate landscape of the mind—a profound journey marked by self-discovery and unbecoming. Delving into the transformative practice of Mindfulness of Citta, we draw inspiration from the timeless teachings of the satipatthana sutta.

The satipatthana sutta, a cornerstone of Theravada Buddhist wisdom, guides us in establishing mindfulness of the mind or consciousness (citta). Through this practice, it’s crucial to recognize the profound implications it holds for our journey towards liberation.

The Buddha, in the satipatthana sutta, instructs us:

“He knows a lustful mind to be lustful and a mind without lust to be without lust. He knows an angry mind to be angry and a mind without anger to be without anger. He knows a deluded mind to be deluded and a mind without delusion to be without delusion.”

This guidance underscores the essence of mindfulness of citta—developing an acute awareness of the various states of mind. By recognizing and understanding our mental states, we gain the power to transcend them. This practice isn’t about suppressing or escaping our thoughts; instead, it’s about observing them with clarity and without attachment.

Carl Jung aptly captures the significance of this practice:

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life, and you will call it fate.”

Mindfulness of citta serves as a powerful tool to make the unconscious conscious. Through this practice, we bring light to the recesses of our mind, unraveling the patterns that shape our thoughts and actions.

As we establish mindfulness of citta, we begin to witness the impermanence of mental states. Lust, anger, and delusion lose their grip as we observe them with equanimity. The mind, once clouded by these defilements, becomes a clear pool reflecting the truth of our existence.

In the journey towards liberation, the establishment of mindfulness of citta is pivotal. It allows us to break free from the chains of craving and aversion, paving the way for a liberated mind.

As the Buddha taught, “He abides contemplating mind as mind, ardent, fully aware, and mindful, having put away covetousness and grief for the world.”

So, my dear friends, let us boldly step forward and journey together—cultivating mindfulness of citta, unraveling the layers of our consciousness, and moving unwaveringly towards the liberation that awaits.

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Johnathan is an Insight Meditation teacher offering Dharma instruction rooted in the Theravada tradition of ethics, concentration and wisdom.

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